"KICK IT" Tour   I   Kick Drugs and Come Kick It With Us

Thanks everyone for joining us as The Kick It Tour officially opened up in Dayton, OH. on  May 13th, 2017. This date was definitely filled with a list of talented bands & acts, with a guest appearance by American Idols's Jada Vance, and hosted by The Walking Dead actor - Santiago Cirilo.

Just incase you haven't heard the buzz by now, this tour will be launched in our fund raising efforts to donate the financial resources to Drug Treatment Facilities and Recovery Centers nationwide...in order to lower the alarming prescription & street drug overdose rate in our country. So joining us live or via stream is certainly a win win scenario to everyone involved. 
For like minded fortune 500 companies who support the cause and would like to make a contribution, you can do that soon in our new fundraising efforts. We thank you in advance, and look forward to seeing you in your city as the tour officially launches in early 2019!  #love

Santiago Cirilo

Jada Vance

           Event: Client "Freedom's" B-Day Bash on The Water I In Lake Norman, NC.