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"Love In Heaven I Funk On Earth"

It's no wonder that the music architecture which has defined his career, would soon be on display for all the world to see again, as Premier DJ E-Luv  has never let anything come be-   tw​​​​​​​​​​​​​​een him and his craft.

If you were to ask, his wife's name is "Music", so in a sense, I guess he's been experiencing extracurricular marital affairs as of late...with his primary focus on video remixing, sound engineering and producing. Which led him to the recent release of the beautifully melodic Progressive House track - "ECLECTIC REVENGE" on 12.20.19 of this year. But he  finally  has regained his senses and came back home to where it all began. 

The buzz is that sometime during the winter of 2019-20, Eric is squarely focused on releasing a pretty sick EDM video mix entitled "Love In Heaven I Funk On Earth", specifically dedicated to the huge number of supporters who stuck by him during the difficult journey he's had in the past four years.

"To be competely honest, I truly miss the artistic nature of building the room and watching the crowd respond to the eclectic energy that you bring to the floor".  "It's like being in a very intense relationship.".

I think what he's most excited about, is the reaction he will receive from those that know him best. As for what to expect from the mix, look for a variety of punchy & vocally  sexy  progressive house and hard, dark bass driven intelligent breakbeats.

He's definitely tuned into taking you on an audio/video  journey to some very beautiful, aesthetic places you've never been before.

We do advise you to approach with caution, as E-Luv kind of has a chip on his shoulder for being *publicly inactive for the last couple of years.​​​​

So keep your eyes and ears peeled on the latest, as he prepares to drop more deep and resonating production gems in 2020, as well as The 'Kick It" Tour due to officially launch sometime soon.
But whatever he brings to the table, you can be assured he's gonna leave his stamp on it. > Stay tuned...